Matisse Cut-Out Lowboy by Polly Coulson

Take Inspiration from your favourite artists when furniture painting and imbue your home with artistic flair (without the million pound price tag). Painter in Residence Polly Coulson shows us how with this cool, quirky and colourful transformation.

The Chalk Paint® colour palette here reflects the modern style of the design and can be easily adapted for your home and colour scheme; whether that’s a monochromatic black and white look, a tonal symphony of different blues, or a boldly saturated mix of primary shades! As for the design itself – it’s as easy as making a stencil cut out design of a leaf, or two different leaf designs, as Polly did.

The base of the piece has been given a wash of a Chalk Paint® mix in Country Grey and Scandinavian Pink over Primer Red to create a warm toned backdrop. The Matisse cut-out inspired leaf shapes have been painted using a mix of warm and cool Chalk Paint® colours; Amsterdam Green, Arles, and Provence. The mix between colours which contrast and those which blend more with the base of the piece is typical of the modernist art movement and helps create texture. Clear Chalk Paint® Wax protects and finishes.

Top Tip: don’t overload your brush when painting stencils; it can cause the paint to “splodge” outwards which will lead to a less neat and clear design. Using Decorator’s Tape to hold your stencils in place will also help keep the design neat and tidy.