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Striped Linen Look Cupboard

Striped Linen Look Cupboard

First, Polly painted a priming base of Chalk Paint® in Coco using brush strokes in every direction to give plenty of texture. She then mixed a bespoke warm grey using Coco and Graphite and painted a layer all over the cabinet.

Next, she used masking tape to create her clashing line pattern before giving a wash of Pure. Create a wash by mixing Chalk Paint® with water; for this particular project we recommend creating a mix which is still a little viscous so that the wash doesn’t seep under your masking tape. Crisp lines are key! It’s hard to be prescriptive about how much water you should mix with Chalk Paint® to create a wash as this can vary depending on the temperature of the room you’re working in, the age of the paint, and many other factors. Experiment by slowly adding extra water to find the perfect consistency. Remove the tape whilst the paint is still wet to stop it from drying and cracking on removal.

Once dry, Polly applied Clear Chalk Paint® Wax first to protect, then White Chalk Paint® Wax to give a muted matte look reminiscent of soft washed. Inside, Polly’s used strongly contrasting Giverny to bring a little joy every time this cabinet is opened! Something of a signature look of hers and a great way to easily introduce extra colour into your home even for those who are a little shy of bolder shades. Polly’s shutters are also painted with Chalk Paint® in Amsterdam Green.